Mini Terminal Blocks for Tight Spaces

E-Mark's mini terminal blocks are designed for wire to PCB connections in tight spaces.

Available with either front wire entry (302 series) or top wire entry (312 Series) the mini terminal blocks are available with either 3.5mm or 7.0mm centerline spacing and are sold in modular blocks of 2 or 3 poles which string together to form any desired combination of poles.

The height above board for the 302 Series is 8.3mm and only 7.0mm for the 312 Series. Both types come complete with integral wire guard and are suitable for 16 to 26 AWG wire. Current carrying capacity of both types is 10A per pole and feature a contact resistance of only 15mΩ Max.

Delivery ranges from stock to 4 weeks ARO and evaluation samples are available by contacting the company through its web site,, or by calling its toll free telephone number, (800) 831-5383.